Veggie Pan'ino

Veggie Pan'ino

Alessandro Frassica

Fotografie: Irene Berni

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Veggie Pan'ino

If you have opened this book and you are flicking through the pages glancing at the photos and recipes, holding in as best as you can the hyper-salivation that has caught you off guard, it is because you know that making a sandwich does not mean just putting together a slice of lifeless ham with any old piece of cheese... no-one knows this better than you! Your mind is wandering between the disarming image of your fridge, whose ruthless light illuminates that single packet of ham which you bought who knows why, and the bar next to your office that, at lunchtime, fills with queues of hungry mouths: every day between its walls you are both a passive witness and a mute accomplice; human appetites that demolish defenceless toasted sandwiches with an air of defeat, anaemic sandwiches with garish slices of plastic tomato, super-oily focaccia with salad leaves drooping from its edges, curled from their contact with the griddle pan which gives everything that unmistakable taste of burntness, mixed with smells of cheese of long-ago fillings. Preparing a sandwich is an art. The mood of the soul, the choice of ingredients, the care and attention are the same elements necessary to making any good dish. After his first book, The Pan’ino, Alessandro Frassica, or “Ino” as he is known, publishes a second volume with his vegetarian recipes for unusual sandwiches rich in flavour. They can be prepared quickly and you can enjoy them at home, or take them to work with you, or on a picnic... You will taste the difference, the depth of variation, the sense of true fulfilment. And if you are asking yourselves if a sandwich can achieve all this, then you really do need this book.

Alessandro Frassica

Alessandro Frassica

Alessandro Frassica, padrone di casa della bottega 'INO a Firenze, si definisce "cuoco di panini". E che panini... grande attenzione per le materie prime e una selezione accuratissima dei produttori fanno dei suoi panini un mito. Da New York a Tokyo, tutti i gourmet hanno avuto l'onore di addentarli. Ora una nuova sfida: non solo un libro ma anche uno...

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