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Christmas at last!

Sabrine D'Aubergine

€ 25.00

Christmas at last!

Among freshly-baked buttery rolls and magical soufflés, gluttonous gifts that will find themselves under the tree are taking shape: biscuits, syrups, patés, nougat and various crunchy sweets, jars of chutney and jam, pot pourri… the pantry is enriched with preparations that will enliven spur-of-the-moment snacks with friends or enhance the most traditional family dinners. On a wave of frivolity and cheer, finding oneself back in the kitchen becomes an occasion for exchanging memories and recipes, sipping a little drink or diving for delicious brioches. You will find the great Italian classics and an abundance of Nordic-influenced recipes because we all know that Father Christmas lives among reindeer. While garlands of rolls, cream puffs, meringues or orange stars are woven and spices are measured out, the house prepares for the celebration that thrills old and young alike. A book for those who wish to cook without complicating life, because the recipes are suitable for everyone: you risk starting to read a story and then find yourself clinging with pleasure to a butter-scented dough. A book for giving at Christmastime but for reading all year round.

Sabrine D'Aubergine

Sabrine D'Aubergine

Sabrine d’Aubergine è una foodblogger per passione. Convinta che stare ai fornelli sia un esercizio di creatività da praticare in assoluta leggerezza, cucina e scrive divertendosi, documentando con una reflex quel che avviene nella sua cucina. Crede al potere terapeutico del pane fatto in casa e alla magica alchimia degli ingredienti semplici, purché tenuti assieme da una generosa dose d’ironia....

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