Pantone Foodmood | English version

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Pantone Foodmood | English version

Pantone revolutionised the graphic arts industry over fifty years ago, by launching the Pantone Matching System®, a standard that allows professionals from the world of graphics and publishing to grade and faithfully reproduce colours in every part of the world. It is a universal language that has become, through the accuracy of reproduction and colour classification, a flexible, precise, creative and accurate tool. This “canon” has been applied in various diverse sectors and has reinforced its identity on the one hand through the rigour of Pantone design and the “golden rule” of the proportions with which it is graded, and on the other hand through the expressive strength of colours associated with their meaning and emotions.
The Pantone “colour fan” has become a classic handy work tool: be it on the desk of a designer or an art director, in the workshop of an artisan or a fashion designer or in the studio of an architect or a cosmetics designer.
But in the kitchen? Can we consider bringing the Pantone philosophy to the world of cooking? The idea of applying our guidelines not only to a professional setting but also to all those aspiring “cooks/food designers” is thrilling for us. This is how the Pantone Cookbook has come about: enjoy!

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